Serious Approach to Russian Dating

10 Ways to attract Russian women

How to attract Russian women1. Don’t be desperate

Championship coaches tell their winning players: “Act like you’ve been here before.” That’s exactly what you need to do with Russian women. The best way to lose is to get possessive and desperate and start calling her 10 times a day. And if you start acting like you’re ready for marriage after the first date or even the fifth you might as well have the words “I’m desperate” tattooed across your forehead.

2. Keep Russian woman guessing

One of the biggest mistakes men make to blow it with Russian women is being completely predictable. Guess what? That instantly kills the main two things that all women are desperately searching for: excitement and anticipation. So, in order to attract Russian women, mix things up and keep her guessing. Don’t always call when you say you will. Go here instead of there. Do this instead of that. Get the picture? Keep her guessing and you’ll have no problem keeping her attention.

3. Go for it

Once you see that a Russian woman’s noticed you, do not leave her hanging. Russian women have guys coming at them from every direction, all the time, and they’ll move on quickly from a guy who doesn’t have the guts to go for that first kiss (or anything else). Be a man and make your move; it’ll prove to her that you’re the type of confident, powerful man she’s looking for.

4. Make Russian lady work for it

People don’t value that they don’t have to work for -and it’s never more true than with Russian women. If you’re at her beck and call, doing what she wants all the time, she won’t value or appreciate you, and soon she’ll be gone. Period. So, be unpredictable and a bit hard to please. Make sure she’s calling you as much (if not more) than you’re calling her. Ask her to help you out with small favors. The more work she puts in the more she “wants it,” and that includes sex.

5. Get creative

Beautiful women get offers all day long. So when you approach one, be original. Be creative: Offer up fun things to do that she doesn’t keep hearing from other guys. Try a bike ride or suggest playing Frisbee in the park. Or, how about a tiny Italian cafe that has a fascinating story behind it? Tell her you want to sneak her up to the top floor of a skyscraper, or take her to a playground and go on the swings. Get creative – you’ll get her excited, guaranteed.

6. Be a man with a plan

Russian women love a man with a plan. So when you try to attract one, know by heart exactly what you’re going to say and do ahead of time. Above all, never ask her to start making decisions. Make like James Bond and let her know exactly where you want to take her, what time you want to pick her up, and what she should wear. Let her be blown away by the way you’ve planned for every possible contingency and have taken care of every little detail.

7. Don’t be a creep

Sounds obvious, right? Russian women are constantly dodging creepy guys, so make sure you don’t come off like one. The best way: Make sure you don’t sweat the small stuff; fixate on imagined slights or get honest about an unreturned text message. When it come to attracting Russian women, it’s even more important to give the impression you’re too busy to even care if she pings you back. Plus, when you lie back and stay cool, she’ll assume you’re busy with other women.

8. Prove you’re a gentleman

Showing a woman that you’re a gentleman is a powerful way to stand out from the crowd, and the smallest gestures go a very long way. Open a door for her and pull out a chair. Make sure you walk on the outside of the sidewalk. Put your hand on the small of her back when walking into a restaurant or across the street. You won’t believe how quickly these small things set you apart from 99% of other guys.

9. Be a man of mystery

We’re not talking about Austin Powers here. This means never lay out your life story the moment you meet a Russian woman. Not only does it kill the anticipation and leave nothing left to reveal later, it may also prove to her that you’re not the kind of man she wants to be with. In fact, hold some stuff back, especially the best stuff. She’ll be way more impressed (and new sparkles of attraction will fly) when she “discovers” them on her own.

10. Get a track record

Russian women are competitive, way more than so-called “regular” women. When an extremely attractive Russian woman discovers that you have things going on with other women, it increases her interest in a big way. In fact, the No.1 thing that men who are successful with Russian women have in common is a busy dating life. Russian women find that kind of challenge irresistible, so first and foremost do what it takes to start getting lots of dates with great, “regular” Russian women.

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