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Mail Order Brides, Anna, Ukraine

mail order bridesHi everybody!

The world around can be interesting and exciting, charming and mysterious, can hard and painful, harmful and offensive, but you don’t pay much attention to it when you are in love, when you are beloved and dear close people are around you. You just enjoy your life and share this joy and happiness with others.

My dream is to find my happiness and joy, my special beloved man and share all great elements and things in this wonderful world around. There are people who like being sad and lonely but not me. Why should I stand it if I can be happy? Would you like to be happy with me?

I work in a kindergarten with small but charming and nice children. I meet their parents every day. Once I was so surprised that even couldn’t find a word. In the evening a couple – a man and woman – came to the kindergarten to take their daughter home. I was surprised because the man was foreigner but I didn’t meet him before. The girl ran to him and he hugged her so strongly and happily. I was impressed. They took the girl and went home.

Then I asked my colleague and she told me that they met through the agency and married some time ago that the girl adored her new father and they were the very happy couple. The colleague gave me the agency information and I decided to risk. I think that it’s good opportunity to find my happiness and not to be alone any more. I know that you exist – my prince and defender – and I will find you in any way. Please, wait a little!

If you got some interest in me, if you want to be my prince I will be very glad to go on our acquaintance and correspondence.

Sincerely, Anna

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