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Russian Brides Gallery #2

We present you the second gallery of Russian and Ukrainian brides looking for grooms men in countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, USA, Britain, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Spain etc.

Russian woman - Ludmila, Brest 25 y.o.

Russian woman - Ludmila, Brest 25 y.o.

Russian bride - Olga, Murmansk 23 y.o.

Russian bride - Olga, Murmansk 23 y.o.

Ukrainian lady - Vasilisa, Odessa 20 y.o.

Ukrainian lady - Vasilisa, Odessa 20 y.o.

Ukrainian bride - Marina, Mariupol 23 y.o.

Ukrainian bride - Marina, Mariupol 23 y.o.

Ukrainian fiancee - Elena, Kharkov 26 y.o.

Ukrainian fiancee - Elena, Kharkov 26 y.o.

Russian girl - Zoya, Orel 19 y.o.

Russian girl - Zoya, Orel 19 y.o.

You can find these beautiful Russian women and Ukrainian brides in our catalogue. Just put the button “Show matches”.

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  1. saeed says:

    hi i like to speack to vasilisa can i?because she`s beautyfull if she want i want to marriage with she and i can stay in ukrain or anather country with vasilisa please back me email

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  6. Mary says:

    I bought a botlte of Russian vodka in St. Petersburg last month.I just received the botlte from Stockholm security yesterday.The name looks like:BOHKA IIAPCKAR 3OVOTARThe botlte shows window mirror looking at the back side of the botlte.I cannot find it on Google. Can you tell me anything about the vodka?Thank you,Jack Efird

  7. Dinesh says:

    My boyfriend Aleksei was aeptodd, he has been trying to find vodka from his home town in Krosnodar and we cannot find it anywhere. Do you know what it is called and where we may be able to find it? If not can you recommend a good vodka for me to get him? Thank you- Sara

  8. Hali says:

    Caitlin and Derek,What a beautiful bride Caitlin will be as she walks down aisle to her hndosame groom, Derek! I am so sorry to have missed such an amazing engagement party. Caitlin and her Mom, Melissa, are two of the most creative and talented people I know! With their whimsical imaginations and attention to every detail, Caitlin and Derek’s wedding will be the most magical and beautiful event that Atascadero has seen in a very long time!Caitlan, you are a beautiful young woman and look so much like your mother and Grandma Hilma! Wonderful photos! :^DAll my love to you and Derek as you prepare for your Big Day!Ali

  9. Iguinho says:

    I would like to say Jeannie is a dear friend of mine and the most aminzag photographer I have ever seen, I chose years ago to have Jeannie as my Bridesmaid in my wedding rather than my photographer. Although I don’t regret for a minute her being in my wedding because I love her dearly. I do regret not having her as my photographer, I went the cheap route and got burned, my photographer picked up and moved out of state after my wedding and I had to take him to court to get the pictures I ordered and paid for because he had lost my pictures. It all turned out well in the end I did get my pictures, but most were not what I has asked for and were not well done. So if I had to do it all again, Jeannie and Equinox Photography would and always will be my first choice for photographs. Jeannie you are aminzag.

  10. Fernando says:

    Spectacular, Jay and his staff did a fabulous job. We didn’t have to worry about a thing from the time he airevrd. All of our vendors went beyond our expectations.Thanks to all of you.

  11. Rha says:

    It saddened me to hear of Ginger’s panssig. She was a beautiful girl. Having gone through this two times, I know too well that time, not words, will ease your pain. Please try to take comfort in knowing that she had a wonderful, long life and felt the love your entire family. She was a family member that you all cherished and, in her own doggy-way, she cherished you all, too. Your heart will hold the wonderful memories of the love she brought into your life and, in time, you will think of her with a happy heart.

  12. Yury says:

    This is fabulous! My hubnasd’s family is Ukranian but because it was through his dad (and grandfather) they did not pass on this tradition. I can’t imagine any of them were very crafty. However, I always heard about how beautiful these were and they look like something I will have to try! Thanks for the tutorial!Lauren recently posted..[]lindsay Reply:March 21st, 2012 at 9:44 amThanks Lauren! I love making them each year, even though it can be time consuming and frustrating. Definitely give it a try sometime and let me know how your eggs turn out.[]

  13. Shirley says:

    You all captured every monmet and every detail. I am so thrilled with these pictures and I know the bride and groom will too! This was an amazing donation you all gave and I know they will never forget it because of these great memories that were captured! Thank you for always being so amazing!

  14. Sunday says:

    You look stunnding Stacy and your dad looks hadosnme and happy. Hope you will send me some pics for my wedding book. When you have time, I also hope you will go to my facebook page la petite Jaune Fleur and write a recommendation for why you chose la petite Jaune Fleur and what you thought of the service and end product.

  15. Shahid says:

    I’m so glad you are excited!!! If you click on the words Russian Recipes Revisited in the post write up, you’ll see all the other Russian reecpis I’ve blogged about so far. It now has it’s own label/category.If you have any requests, let me know!

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