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Russian Brides like Red Roses – Alina, Kharkov, 18 y.o.

Our Russian Brides like these beautiful Red Roses (watch the video):

Meet next new Single Russian Bride and find out what she writes about herself:

Alina from Kharkov, Ukraine

Single Russian Bride, AlinaCharacter

I am an active and I think that I am an interesting person. I study in the University. I am a friendly and communicative person. I hope to find a good and caring man, who is able to love and to feel strong feelings. I love people, animals and the nature; I love sports very much. It is great to swim and even to play football, I am not afraid to jump with the parachute. And it is very interesting for me to go to the concerts, exhibitions and other different activities. I love the sea, the sun, the winter and the fall. I am a positive person and I hope to find a positive man that we can change each other’s lives and bring happiness to each other.


I love dancing, it is my hobby. I am an active person and I like to spend time outdoors, to meet my friends, to go out, to travel, to swim, I enjoy ice skating, reading, visiting theatres, exhibitions, theatres and many other different things. I am an open person and I am not afraid to try new things.

Her Type of Man

I hope to find a man who is positive, noble, fair, romantic and optimistic, a man who loves the life and who will be faithful and honest with me. I hope to find my knight and to become his princess. I want to love and to be beloved. I think that the main thing is love and understanding. And I hope to meet a man who is loving, caring, generous and open with me. I am waiting that this man will appear in my life very soon and that is why I am here.(preferable age: from 30 to 50).

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  1. ali says:

    Hi, engel! If you like I can come to see you and I will suprise you, how? It,s a secret!

    • Abner says:

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  2. ali says:

    I’m so happy that your ideas so hear to me, it is not possible to wright all my ideas in here but tell you some I prefer to take face to face. I,m faithfull to my wife and respect to her.

  3. joão ribeiro says:

    olá, Alina.

    em primeiro lugar, tenho certeza de que você não irá compreender nada do que eu estou escrevendo aqui, porque você é ucraniana, e eu sou do Brasil – (smile)

    mas só estou escrevendo para te dizer que você é a mulher mais bonita que eu já vi na internet.

    desejo que você seja muito feliz na sua vida. Você me deu um instante de muita alegria, em razão da sua beleza e da sua inteligência, que foi demonstrada nas palavras que você escreveu.

    confesso que gostaria demais de conhecer você pessoalmente, mas, infelizmente, acredito que isso seja impossível,em vista da enorme distância que nos separa.

    desejo que você encontre o seu príncipe.


    João Ribeiro – Brazil

  4. Juan says:

    - OMG how did I ever miss this post. What an incredible weidndg and incredible images!!! Theresa, I love each and everyone!!! I’m sure their weidndg was beyond amazing. Bambi and Ontel are stunning and genuinely beautiful people inside and out! And you captured them perfectly! xoxoxo ~ Dawn

  5. Kirill says:

    - you already know how blseesd i was to have your VERY talented self to shoot with me .i love and adore Bambi & Ontel and it was a PLEASURE to have you share with me i can’t thank you enough xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxawesome POST!!!!!fantastic images!!and at LEAST one of us blogged about it!!!!!!!

  6. Kolam says:

    these books look rad nanners. hulofelpy i can see a hard copy of one when i’m down there in a couple weeks.i’m sure you did this intentionally, but nonetheless, i love the last photo and how the edge of the dock seems to continue on past the book end with the table. i can’t wait to see you in a little over a week.

  7. ali says:

    You are the end of it. Cut and dash. I have good income looking for marry, im 28 egucated from oxford. Love swimming and bady bilding. Not smoke. Love to hear from you…

  8. Vero says:

    Parrish – Cheers. You can credit youserlf for training me to drink my coffee black. It’s a great way to think of you in the morning! You’ve got talent, gal. Don’t sweat your imminent success!May 25, 2011 10:22 am

  9. Christiana says:

    You know what, I’m very much iclinned to agree.

  10. Iqra says:

    TYVM you’ve sleovd all my problems

  11. Lobna says:

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