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Single Russian Woman Oksana, Kiev, 33 y.o.

Single Russian WomanHi there!

I am single Russian woman Oksana from Kiev. Have you ever felt lonely? Have you ever dreamed to forget about your loneliness forever? I don’t mean at all the absolute loneliness. No. Surely all the people have their families, their friends and a lot of things that make them feel happy. And I’m not an exception.

I have a lot of interesting things to do, my life is interesting and full of adventures, funny stories and joyous moments. However, I miss only one thing in my life. I miss love, miss carefulness and miss my match prepared for me by the destiny.

russian soul mateI believe that my love is somewhere near, very close to me, it is waiting for me and I’m waiting for it! My Russian soul mate is ready to accept love and to give love. I’m ready to share all my interests and all my love with someone… who is waiting for me too.

Sincerely yours,
The Best Russian Bride Oksana )


I am an extremely cheerful, joyous and happy as well as optimistic, charming, mysterious, not ordinary, romantic and energetic personality. I am fond of making jokes and laughing. I am touchy, very positive, curious and out-going.

Single Russian Woman OksanaInterests

I am fond of music, driving, fashion, meeting my friends, nature and photography. I like cinema and enjoy playing heroes of the films in my imagination:) I like hiking, and adore the sea and swimming.

Her Type of Man

I would like to meet and get acquainted with an interesting man who has a good sense of humour, who is charming and charismatic as well as determined. The man of my dream will appreciate and respect his one and only woman so that we both could try hard to make the relationship work.(preferable age: from 35 to 55).
russian soul mate

My favorite music is disco, pop, rock, rap, classic
My favorite movies are adventures and comedies
My favorite sport to watch is figure skating
My favorite sport to play is swimming, skating
My favorite flower is white roses
In childhood, I dreamed of becoming a clothes designer
My first memory is flying the paraplane
Of all the places I would most like to visit Rome
My friends call me Ksyusha
My favorite season is spring and summer
My favorite food to eat is pilau with duck
My favorite food to make is salads
If I could choose an era to live in, I would like to live now
I dislike lies, also drunk people
My worst characteristic is that I like to sleep longer in the morning:-)

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  1. amin says:

    oh u are nice t would marriage by u . i am 28 y .o a kind man

    • ali says:

      Hi ,engel! You are still atractive! I hope I am best for you. You look like real model.

      • Deepika says:

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  2. hassan says:

    i like friend with you

    • Ceper says:

      Sandy Sheely – What fantastic pierctus! Every shot appears to capture that special feeling of new love and excitement, that each newly, engaged couple shares with one another. They look so natural and happy ..wonderful job!

    • Essie says:

      If time is money you’ve made me a wleahtier woman.

  3. Feri says:

    Connie Schroeder – My most favorite is the one where you are laening on the plane and the hill is isn the background.Next favorite is #7, black & white of the two of you more serious.Congratulations!!! Great pictures.

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  8. Open says:

    I’m digging that cuotsm AK47 in Cory’s photo. Even nice ones usually tend to look kind of lousy, but that one looks clean. Same thing with the AR15; it was clearly built with love and adding a bayonet gives it character that is rare to find these days.

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